If you watch enough anime, specifically anime that is set in a high school, there is a good chance you have seen the anime staple of the Culture Festival and it's less prevalent sibling the Sports Festival. I was thinking about these a little while back, thinking that my high school had nothing similar to either practice. Then I realized that we did do something similar to the Sports Festival, we just did it in elementary school. I think they had the entire school going across the street to the Community Field next to the school.

I'm kinda curious about two things:

1. Can anyone with real familiarity with Japanese school system confirm these festivals are common? They seem common enough in anime, but I know better than to base my knowledge of a culture solely on their entertainment. I would hate to meet someone who bases their knowledge of America soley on our TV and movies.


2. For people not in Japan, did your schooling have anything similiar to the above festivals? Just wondering if other countries did similar stuff, or maybe even here in the US where they might have a little more money to throw around.

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