A friend of mine sent me an Xmas gift, which surprised me since I don't know if we have ever exchanged gifts and she is currently several states away right now. I was going to wait but she told me she really wanted me to open it. Now, yesterday after she told me about it, I got an idea of what it was. Upon opening the Amazon box with the wrapped present in it, the size of it strengthened my prediction. To make sure I had proof I wasn't talking out my ass when I predicted what it was, I sent my brother detailing my prediction.

I was originally going to wait until Xmas. I sent my friend a picture of her present under my tree. Said tree being a USB fiber optic tree the present was literally under the tree. About half an hour after I sent the text that stated I was going to wait, she responded saying that it was going to be driving her crazy that I hadn't opened it yet. So I decided to open it up to see if my prediction was true.

Sure enough my prediction came true, and thankfully I had enough hard drive space on my Xbox 360 to start installing GTAV. It does kinda make sense now that I think about it, she asked if I had it and I told her that I didn't. My plan was to wait for a bit. First time in a while that my 360 has been turned on, I've mostly been working on PS3 exclusives lately. So that was nice this year, I ended up gifting her Sleeping Dogs on Steam on Thanksgiving because Steam wouldn't let her buy it herself for some stupid ass reason, and I got GTAV from her.