Free games from Humble Origin Bundle 2

These games are from the Humble Origin Bundle 2. I was kinda hoping they would give us some more Command and Conquer or something to the bundle, instead they gave us 4 classic games. The thing is, I already have all of these games on GOG, two of them from Origin before, and I still have the physical disc for Sim City… » 4/22/15 10:30pm Wednesday 10:30pm

I kinda wished they would remake Deus Ex with the Human Revolution engine, but keeping the RPG aspect and pretty much everything else of the first game. I’m not sure how well the levels would hold up though with the cover system from Human Revolution though, the levels may have to be rebalanced.
» 4/21/15 6:45pm 4/21/15 6:45pm

The only show I’ve seen that’s longer than FMA:Brotherhood would be The Slayers and even that’s debatable since it’s technically 5 different series, 4 if you consider the Revolution and Evolution-R to be one series. I’m also not really inclined to jumping into super long show either. » 4/21/15 5:31pm 4/21/15 5:31pm

The thing about Funibori is that I got the vibe that in any other show she would be best girl or first runner up. In this show though she gets enough screen time to be recognized, but then is almost purposely left on the sidelines. I wonder if she has more development in the manga. » 4/13/15 2:39pm 4/13/15 2:39pm